Student and I at the AIGA x NYCCT Emerge event in 2018, Pearl Bldg.
(L-R: Deanna, Shaton, Jamar, Sabrina, Muhammad, Kelvin, Ravi, Anmol)

In this section, please find Professor Garastegui’s Teaching Portfolio.

George is an educator, designer, advocate, and curator looking to elevate the creative process by shifting the focus to how we work over what we produce.

George also teaches strategic problem-solving and design research at CUNY’s NYC College of Technology (City Tech) and hosts an award-winning podcast, Works in Process. Also, he has over 20+ years of experience in publishing, marketing, and strategy, and has crafted solutions for brands such as AIGA, Esquire, Ford, Cadillac, and Popular Mechanics.

Examples of teaching and teaching-related activities include: